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With Our Love We Could Save The World

If they only knew

Blaidd Drwg
25 April 1986
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Obscene, dirty, squalid, scabrous, salacious, lewd, randy, rude, outrageous, lubricious... and a bit off.

About me: Hi, I'm Mori. Welcome to my journal. I'm originally from Sydney, Australia but I've just returned from nearly 18 months living in England. I currently work in finance, although in my past lives I have been a bookseller, a chocolate shop girl and a recruitment assistant. In my free time I'm also a writer. I have written in The Lord of The Rings fandom previously but for now I'm working on my original compositions. I also do a little painting and when I grow up, I want to be a rock star. Or perhaps a translator. Whichever comes first. And apparently I'm a sexy kitten from Missouri. Even though I've never been there. I live with my sister and our two cats.

What I'm into: I love going out and having fun with my friends and my boyfriend. I'm a huge fan of comedy, especially British. I love music, rock music in particular - my favourite band is Queens of the Stone Age. I love art of all kinds, my favourite artists being Titian and Dalí. I'm half Welsh and very interested in exploring everything related to the culture, history, mythology and language. I'm also into stuff like Doctor Who, crossword puzzles, linguistics, meeting people, retiring to France, making things, Converse Hi-Tops, zombies, The Goodies, shopping at Lush, travelling, Zen - my MP3 player, zoos, excitement, adventure and really wild things.

What I'm not into: Simple, really. Mean people, plagiarists, long distances, clowns and thunderstorms. That's it.

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bernard black is love

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old-school ford prefect is froody love